Three Backup Power Sources To Consider With Your Electrician

Having a backup power source is always a good idea. No matter how good the electricity grid is where you are, you can never be sure that it will always be up and running. Freak weather conditions or something like an earthquake can leave you with no electricity. Even a drunk driver driving into a pole can leave you in the dark. However, this is something you don't have to worry about when you have a backup. There are different backup options to choose from.

Portable Generator

Portable generators are popular backup power sources in many homes in the suburbs. The generators can be taken out and stored as needed and they can be used in a number of locations. They are powered by fuels such as gasoline. This option is popular with people who like to take trips to off-grid locations. However, because these generators are so portable, they can also be easily stolen.

These generators will cost you between $600 and $3000 depending on their size. The can run a few items such as a furnace, refrigerator or emergency lighting. But not usually all at once.

Fixed Generator

If you have the space and money, it makes sense to get a permanent generator. These generators also run on gasoline or diesel but they provide the power to run more systems and since they can't be moved, there's little chance of theft. Some people add a power bank for greater reliability in an extended blackout.

These types of generators are popular in commercial establishments. They need to be professionally installed because they require additional devices such as inverters and transfer switches. Ensure you bring an electrician to do the job. This type of generator will cost you between $3500 and $5000.

Solar Generator

It's impossible to ignore renewable sources of energy especially since they've become more popular in the U.S. There are residential solar power systems which are quite affordable and there are also portable options. However, the portable solar power systems only generate limited amounts of power.

Solar panels produce DC Power. This means you can either use them with DC appliances only or buy an AC inverter so you can use your regular devices and lighting with this energy source.

A solar generator can be more practical with a battery bank otherwise the system won't be able to serve you at night. A multi-panel system will be necessary to use devices that consume a lot of power.

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