Clearing Clogs: Should You Choose A Snake Or Hydro Jet?

When you're dealing with a drain line or sewer line system that is clogged, you may be wondering what the best method is for clearing things out. Your local plumber or sewer cleaning company may recommend that you consider either snaking or hydro jetting. If you've never had to deal with something like this, you may not really know which one to choose. Before you make a decision, you need to understand the benefits and the drawbacks of each one.

Hydro Jetting Basics

If you aren't familiar with the hydro jetting process, it involves a high-pressure stream of water that is sprayed directly into the sewer pipe to help clear things out. The pressure is enough to break up any clogs that have formed in the pipes from hair, grease, or even tree root growth.

Hydro jetting is an effective method for clearing things out because the water jets are strong enough to force things through the pipes very quickly. In addition, it's versatile enough a treatment option for both residential and commercial plumbing lines.

Unfortunately, hydro jetting should also be considered with caution. The force of the water can be so strong that it can actually cause damage to some weakened or older pipes. Any pipes that have existing damage are actually more prone to breaking or collapsing. Make sure that you know that your pipes are in good condition before you choose hydro jetting for cleaning the system.

Snaking Details

Snaking is a process that requires the use of an auger. The auger is inserted into the sewer pipe, and it's turned through the line until it reaches the obstruction. It then forces its way through the obstruction to clear the pipe.

Snaking can be a great option because it's a long-standing, proven method for clearing drain lines. Not to mention, it's a fairly easy process that won't actually damage any fragile pipes. If your home has older, worn, or damaged pipes, it's often best to consider snaking.

Just remember that snaking is only as effective as the auger itself. It can only clear a space as wide as the auger's head. That means that you may still end up with some residual clogging in the pipes if it doesn't clear the whole thing. Any residual clogging could make it more likely that you will face subsequent clogging later on.

Now that you understand the basics of each option, you can choose which is the best one for your needs. Talk with your plumber for more information.

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