Testing The Quality Of Your Home's Indoor Air

Air quality problems can be a subtle issue that your home may experience. Indoor air quality testing services can be an important solution for helping you to identify the source of your air quality problem and the steps for correcting it.  Here are some common assumptions about indoor air quality testing and what you should know.

Assumption: Air Quality Testing Only Involves Measuring Particulate Matter in the Air

Measuring the particulates that are in the air in your home can be some of the most important information that these testing services will be able to offer you. However, this is not the only measurement that they will take with your home's indoor air. They will also look at the humidity levels. High humidity levels can cause damage to some items in the home by allowing condensation to form. However, it can also make the air more difficult for some individuals to comfortably breathe.

Assumption: You Will Only Need to Have the Air Tested in One Area of the House

It is a reality that the air quality in a home can vary from one room to the next. This can be due to the source of particulate air contaminants in these areas of the house as well as the circulation of the air. Due to this reality, a homeowner will need to make sure that the air quality in all of the rooms or major areas of the home is assessed. A professional air quality testing service will be sure to take enough samples to get comprehensive results for the house. However, if you are attempting to conduct your own air quality testing, you will have to be sure to take a number of samples from throughout the home in order to get a full understanding of your interior's air quality.

Assumption: There Are Limited Options for Correcting an Indoor Air Quality Problem

In the event that your air quality tests confirm that there is a problem, there are options that you can use to correct these problems. When choosing an air filtration system for your house, knowing the primary contaminants can help you choose a system that will be as effective as possible. This is especially important when the contaminants are particularly small particles, as you may need a HEPA filter in order to effectively eliminate these substances from the home's interior. In situations where the air quality problems are particularly bad in specific rooms, you can opt for localized filtration systems that can keep the air in these sections of the home as clean as possible.

For more information about indoor air quality testing, contact an air quality specialist in your area.

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